How do you avoid this marketing mistake and market yourself, a website or a product successfully? Making your presence known online and offline, is all about having a ‘niche’ that your spiritual business is marketing speaking directly to and solving a problem for. Sounds simple, because it is! If youContinue Reading

There are too many factors about your marketing campaign that no one can control. Among them, there is the behavior of the overall market, competitive pricing, demand for offers like yours, current events, and others. It would be anti-ethical for any marketing agency or freelancer to guarantee ABC results ifContinue Reading

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Many people will say, “better information to show me how to do what works.” Others will say, “more motivation and drive to implement what I already know.” Another common answer is, “more time to fit marketing activities into my schedule.” And lots of people will say, “I need better goals and moreContinue Reading

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